There have been some adjustments to the challenge, so please make sure to read everything on this page carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. And you will need a pen. In case you somehow landed on this page but have no clue what this challenge is about, click here.

There are only two questions that you need to answer in order to register for the Language Jam. "How do I get my language then without any contact information?", you might ask and this is where your pen comes into play.

Right after you pushed that "Submit" button at the bottom of the registration, you will be given a random user name. It is important that you write it down, since you will need it later in October to get your challenge language. Bear in mind that everyone can access your language information with it, so you might want to keep it to yourself.

There has also been a change in time, meaning that the time from when you will be able to get your challenge language depends on what script it is written in. Many people asked for more time to prepare, gather resources, etc., so let's see how this fits into the challenge.

The challenge itself will still be from the 19th to 21st, so I ask you to play fair and use this "prep-time" for preparations only. Depending on what choice you are going to make below, there are some differences:

Extra Research Time

Regardless of which language you will get, there will be some extra days for you to prepare yourself for the upcoming Language Jam weekend. You can use this time to gather resources, buy study snacks or just mentally prepare for the weekend.

Extra Script Time

In case you got a language with a non-Latin script, you will not only get a few days extra to gather resources, but also additional time to get a first grasp on your new alphabet. This way you won't spend all weekend with the new script alone.

The registration is closed.